1. All exchange operations are made only on our website:
You make the request via special form, then our support consider it and write (on the website) the requisites for making payment or request any additional information. One exchange - one request.
If someone, from our name, offer you the private exchange via skype, icq, viber, jabber etc., be assured - it is a scammer, you just lose your money (we know one such unfortunate incident).

2. You and only you should be the owner of both accounts involved in the exchange.

3. Your account must be verified (identified).

4. If you need refund, we will try for an extra fee to do so. As a rule, it is like 10% of the payment amount, but not less than 5 USD.

In an exchange to PayPal

The address of the citizens of Ukraine and Belarus, we unfortunately can not send payments, are PayPal's rules.

In an exchange to Yandex

Make sure that you are not an anonymous user of the system: https://money.yandex.ru/doc.xml?id=526543.

In an exchange with QiWi or Yandex

For new customers we delay payment on exchange for 2 days.

In an exchange with PayPal or Skrill

For new customers, we conduct a thorough check (ask for proof of ownership accounts data, and so forth.) And delay payments on the exchange is usually as follows:
1-2 days with amounts from 15 USD to 50 USD,
3-4 days with up to 100 USD,
5-6 days for a sum of up to 200 USD,
7-8 days for a sum of up to 350 USD,
9-13 days for a sum of up to 500 USD,
14-30 days for a sum up to 1000 USD,
31-45 days for a sum up to 2000 USD,
46 days at the amounts over 2000 USD.

Once triggered, the payout delay is reduced.
The exact period of exchanges, we report immediately after the submission of your application.
Sometimes when compelling reasons, we can significantly reduce the period of delay.