30% of our earnings (minimum of 1.5 USD with the completion of the exchange) of the first ten applications from particular attracted client, ie, if the customer commits us 10 exchanges, you will get no less than 15 USD.

You will be able to view real-time transitions of their users, as well as applications and exchanges produced by them.

Export courses for monitoring

1. XML: http://rates.magnatus.com/exported_rates.php?format=2 (or https://magnatus.com/exported_rates.php?format=2)
2. TXT: http://rates.magnatus.com/exported_rates.php (or https://magnatus.com/exported_rates.php)
3. Another TXT: http://rates.magnatus.com/exported_rates.php?format=3 (or https://magnatus.com/exported_rates.php?format=3)