1. All exchange operations are made only on our website:
You make the request via special form, then our support consider it and write (on the website) the requisites for making payment or request any additional information. One exchange - one request.
If someone, from our name, offer you the private exchange via telegram, skype, viber, whatsup etc., be assured - it is a scammer, you just lose your money (we know some such unfortunate incidents). Scammers using rare contacts with accounts in messengers receive money and delete the dialogue with correspondence.

UPD Feb. 2023. Information on the example of a real situation. Fraudsters skillfully use the so-called social engineering, ingratiating themselves with the victim and convincing him that the victim is communicating with a service representative. So
1.1 From a fraudulent account, they are asked to add our official bot to receive notifications and advice for the client on how to add it correctly.
1.2 They write to the victim that after payment (according to the real details from the site, issued by us), they need to respond to the application.
1.3 After the client’s response to the application on the site (and the client also notifies the scammers that he answered), the scammers say that the application has been accepted for work and payment will soon be made (and we really try to make payments faster)
1.4 And after we have successfully completed the exchange, the scammers ask the client to leave a review.
Performing all the steps above, the client gets the false impression that in the telegram he communicated with a representative of our service.
And the climax after all the actions is higher: the scammers ask the client to submit a new application not on the site, but via telegram, arguing that it will be faster and cheaper. Well, when a client tries to make an exchange through the telegrams of scammers and receives details from them and pays for them, the scammers simply delete the correspondence and hide with the money.
Bingo... Scammers' schemes are becoming more complicated, including with the help of social engineering.
For this reason, as it is written on our website, we ALWAYS ALWAYS give out all exchanges only through the website and DETAILS for payment ONLY ON THE SITE, no telegrams or Skype! ONLY ONLY ON THE SITE.

2. As a rule, only you must be the owner of both accounts involved in the exchange. However, given the situation in 2024 year, we approach each case individually. Submit an exchange request and describe everything in detail in the note.

3. Your account must be verified (identified). If the account is recently verified or we have any doubts, we may refuse the exchange.

4. If you need refund, we will try to do it for an extra fee (but ask us in advance if it is possible, do not send refund without our permission because it can lead to loss of money). As a rule, it is like 5% of the payment amount, but not less than 5 USD. The same applies to accepting a payment in an incorrect (unspecified) currency, an unspecified amount or an incorrect type of payment.
In the case of the exchange from/to cryptocurrencies and fluctuations of the exchange rate, at the discretion of our service, the cryptocurrency exchange rate to USD may be applied by our decision on the day of exchange or on the day of refund demand.

5. If you want to increase the amount or change the currency of the payment, you must inform us about it and wait for our answer as the requisites can be changed. In no case, without our approval, do not send more than the amount, as you may lose the overpayment.

6. You can pay for the requisites given by us within approximately 24 hours. Please let us know after payment. If the requisites have become irrelevant, then we cancel the exchange request and notify you, in this case, do not make payment, because you can lose money.

7. If the country specified in the profile on our website does not match the country specified when registering with PayPal, there is a high probability of refusal of the exchange.

8. We provide the services specifically for the currency exchange, but not sending small payments to test accounts if they work. We recommend to check the functionality of your accounts (if necessary) by contacting the technical support of payment systems.

In an exchange to PayPal

According to paypal rules payments can not be sent to the address of the citizens of Russia, Belarus and some other countries.
Check your acountry on URL: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/country-worldwide. "PayPal is for everyone who pays or gets paid" (for example, Croatia) when viewing data on the country, it indicates the possibility of accepting payments, and "PayPal is for everyone who pays online" (for example, Belarus) means the impossibility of receiving payments.

If your account meets any of the criteria listed on the page https://www.paypal.com/us/brc/article/funds-availability, the payment system holds the payment for 21 days.
How to try to remove the hold fully or reduce it, see this link.
Under your responsibility, we can top up the above accounts that do not have the "Trusted Seller" status, however, we do not give any guarantees about early withdrawal of the hold or about its reduction, all at your own risk and time.

Usually funds are sent by us as "digital items/services/goods". By agreement or at our decision, we can send money as "personal".

If you add the personal options to the request (sending funds only as a personal payment, payment via the link, etc.), the standard exchange time, indicated in our messages, can be increased (usually insignificant and usually in rare cases this, but it happens sometimes).

In an exchange with PayPal or Skrill

For new customers, we conduct a thorough check (ask for proof of ownership accounts data, and so forth.) And delay payments on the exchange is usually as follows:

From PayPal: 1-2 days at the amounts less than 100 USD,
3-4 days at the amounts less than 350 USD,
5-6 days at the amounts less than 650 USD,
7-8 days at the amounts less than 1000 USD,
9-13 days at the amounts less than 2500 USD,
14-30 days at the amounts less than 5000 USD,
31 and more days at the amounts more than 5000 USD.

From Skrill: 1-2 days at the amounts less than 250 USD,
3-4 days at the amounts less than 1000 USD,
5-6 days at the amounts less than 3000 USD,
7-8 days at the amounts more than 3000 USD.

Once triggered, the payout delay is reduced.
The exact time of exchange, we report immediately after the submission of your exchange request only on our website.
Sometimes when compelling reasons, we can significantly reduce the period of delay.

Exchange term for PayPal payments from countries with disabled personal payments (for example, in Kazakhstan) can be reasonably little bit extended by our decision.

In the exchange from cryptocurrencies

The preliminary rate is updated automatically when the client views the request, and then it is fixed if time when the transaction is added to the mempool or when the first confirmation of the network is received (a favorable rate for us is chosen, so we do not recommend setting a low commission on the transfer, because of which it may be hold in the mempool on long time).

We do not accept the funds from CommEX, COINBASE, GARANTEX or Smart Contract, and if the funds are sent, it will be a possible total loss.

In the exchange to cryptocurrencies

The preliminary rate is updated automatically when the client views the request, and then it is fixed if the payment is received or the exchange request is changed (a favorable rate for us is chosen, so do not delay the notification of the payment made).

In the exchange between currencies (for example USD/RUB)

The preliminary rate is updated automatically (if it is rejected by more than 2.5%) when the client views the exchange request, and is fixed at the time of payment.

In an exchange from/to Skrill

We can not make the exchange for the users from Bangladesh and India (rules of Skrill system)

Due to low reserves or high balances sometimes we additionally delay payment from 48 to 72 hours.

In 2022-2024, there are problems with transfers from/to accounts from the Russian Federation and Belarus, since not all accounts can be credited or received money if there are accounts from these countries in the bundles, which may slightly increase the exchange time.

In an exchange from Skrill

If your balance is topped up with a MasterCard card, then we will not accept payment from you, because the payment system has restrictions on the use of such funds.

In an exchange to Skrill

We do not divide money on gambling/non-gambling/forex etc. Therefore, if you need funds for exactly on gambling/non-gambling/forex etc., then, unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantees. Exchange can be made, but at your own risk.

All exchanges

If it's necessary, including at your own discretion, we can both accept and send funds in parts using multiple accounts.

When sending your payment you pay a sender`s commission, and a commission of the recipient is for us.
When we send a payment, we pay a sender`s commission, and a commission of the recipient is for you.