How does the registration on the site?
Automatically, when submitting the first application for the exchange.

I can not make an exchange through the site?
No way.

I do not have an SMS. What to do?
Work without entering SMS, and also let us know about a problem with your application.

Can I accept PayPal and / or scril from the affiliate or for their services directly on your bills?
Maybe. Please contact us to consider all. We can not help you with paying for goods on Ebay or similar websites, also we can not accept money for goods that you sell on Ebay.

Do you cheat a large commission "gray" and " black " money?
No, in no way we are trying to not fall.

I have money in the British Pound, what to do?
PayPal and scril system for sending payment will make the conversion in those currencies that we accept.

Do you have a discount?
Yes. From turnover to our committee used the following discount:

Amount %
50 USD    2
100 USD    4
200 USD    6
400 USD    8
800 USD    10
1600 USD    12
3200 USD    14
6400 USD    16
12800 USD    18
25600 USD    20
51200 USD    22

Also, a long-time customers or large amounts we can establish a personal commission.

My PayPal payment from you was hold on 21 days, what should I do?
Please check if your Paypal account refers to the criteria, described on the page (you can clarify exactly by contacting the technical support of the payment system).
Then you need:
1. Open the detailed screen of the payment
2. Click on the link "Add tracking info"
3. Order status - choose as Shipped
4. Tracking number - enter 12345
5. Shipped by - choose as Other
6. Enter carrier name - abc
7. Inform us (in the request on our website) that you have added the tracking info to the payment.
The link for confirming the payment will appear in 48 hours, we will click on it and the payment will be removed from the hold completely or the hold time will be reduced to 3-7 days.